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St. Kitts & Nevis Coat of Arms
  • The Shield
    The center of the Coat of Arms is dominated by a shield. The shield has a lighter in full sail which is a traditional means of transportation. A red chevron is highlighted by two Poinciana flowers - the national flower. At the top of the shield on the dark blue background, is the head of a Carib Indian supported by the Fleur-de-lis and a red rose. This depicts the original Carib Indian inhabitants and the fleur de lis and rose signify the French and English influences who arrived in 1620's.

    A Helmet
    A helmet topped with battlements with a flaming torch held up by the hands and arms of an African, European and a person of mixed decent. The torch signifies the struggle and quest for freedom by a people of diverse ethnic origins, but united in purpose.
    Supporters of the shield are Pelicans, the national bird, with extended wings. By the side of the bird can be seen a sugar cane plant and a coconut tree which demonstrates the fertility of the land.

    The Motto of the Federation "Country Above Self" is below the shield and can be said to be the foundation of everything else.